Saturday, June 30, 2007

About the blog


DISCREETBAI is a support channel for those who need help in their struggles as GLBTs. As a support channel, it also seeks to educate "confused" people about the what's and why's of Bisexuality. DISCREETBAI Undernet is a place [mIRC Channel] where GLBTs can be themselves. Declare openly and loudly without the fear of being rejected. DISCREETBAI exists to be part of your self exploration and discovery yet it promotes goodwill and strong friendship among its clients and its administration. It is a place where coming out is not a thing to wrestle with. Since most GLBTs find it difficult to come out in real life, at least they'll find it easier to come out on-line.

In case you were wondering where you can catch your friends and soulmates, well, you came to the right place! this is the place to be! Just login to mIRC Undernet then join "Discreetbai" and have fun with the folks. Be in the coolest and hippest parties and explore the substantial world of DISCREETBAI Undernet.

We'll be posting blog update everday, So subscribe DISCREETBAI Undernet Newsletter to keep update and come back regularly for the hottest news from around the planet. Some of the feature stories from the favorites magazine archives, blogs, hottie hollywood celebs, with more being uploaded each day. Check out also what's playing live on your ZABYER Online FM Radio channel!

Talk to us and talk with each other! You can start or join a discussion on any of the blog post by commenting or shout on "SHAGET VADAK" corner...

We'd also love to hear what you think about the blog (including letting DISCREETBAI Adminz know about any design bugs and annoyances) and what you'd like more of, so please talk to us about the website and give us your comments.