Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jigs Mayuga, makeup artist METRO BODY 2007

Here it is, sexiness in subtle color: Metro presents its annual gallery of today’s hottest bodies in strightforward celebration of the human form. We can’t think of anything else more worthy of contemplation.

"I'm a big gay and lesbian rights advocate and a member of Amnesty International Pilipinas. I'm a Manila Science High School Almunus and i have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from UP Diliman. I also have a Diploma in Cosmetology from ICI training Center/Franck Provost.

I am currently working for L'oreal Philippines as Chief Make-up Artist for the flagship brand L'oreal Paris. I am also one of the publishers of popular LGBT magazine, ICON.

In this lifetime i have had the chance to work as a hotel pageboy, grocery bagger, concierge clerk, cold kitchen commis, international flight attendant, musical theater actor, makeup artist, hairdresser, fashion editor, publisher, sales manager and as a TV host/Segment Producer for a groundbreaking (yet short-lived) TV show. I've pretty much worked my way to where i am today so i don't take bullshit from anyone.

The first impression people get from me is that i am very intimidating. My friends would say otherwise. I am actually quite the "nice" guy. I'm not kidding! Am very easy to get along with.


Anonymous said...

Why are you gay?? *sad* huhuhu...