Saturday, January 12, 2008

John James Uy and Ron Morales METRO BODY 2007

Here it is, sexiness in subtle color: Metro presents its annual gallery of today’s hottest bodies in strightforward celebration of the human form. We can’t think of anything else more worthy of contemplation.

John James Uy played Prince William in ABS-CBN’s Love Spell presentation Cindy-rella, starring ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemates Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. He lives in the fairy tale world as the handsome nephew of the royalty, whom Cindy-rella fell in love to. John Uy was the third place finalist of Be Bench: The Model Search.

METRO BODY 2007: John James Uy METRO BODY 2007: John James Uy METRO BODY 2007: John James Uy

22 years old Ron Morales of Pasay is one of the final 6 finalists of Be Bench The Model Search. Ron stands 5'11" and currently has the edge to win among the 3 remaining guys because of his physique.

METRO BODY 2007: Ron Morales METRO BODY 2007:Ron Morales METRO BODY 2007: Ron Morales