Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jon Avila, model METRO BODY 2007

Here it is, sexiness in subtle color: Metro presents its annual gallery of today’s hottest bodies in strightforward celebration of the human form. We can’t think of anything else more worthy of contemplation.

Viewers know Jon Avila for his good looks and admirable body. However, despite the fame he is experiencing now, Jon has not had an easy life growing up in London. Jon struggled with harsh racial discrimination since he was the only Asian in school. Because of being constantly ostracized by his schoolmates, Jon's self-esteem hit rock bottom. The bullying finally came to an end when he entered college where he found real friends.

Nickname: Jon

Real Name: Jonathan Mullaly

Origin:United Kingdom

Age: 22Birthdate: September 1

Place of Birth:United Kingdom

Nationality: Irish-Filipino

Occupation: Model

Sports: Boxing

Hidden Ambition: To be a Hollywood actor

Claim to Fame: Century Tuna Superbod 2006, BenchBody model

Charity: Tahanang Sta. Luisa, Quezon City