Monday, June 2, 2008

15 Simple Ways to Keep Your Partner Happy

Happy Gay

So you're in a relationship and your partner starts nagging. He tells you that you just don't understand him, and that he really wishes that you would just do more "little things."

It's not the big things that make him happy; it's paying attention to the little details and showing you care that is really meaningful. He doesn't necessarily need lavish gifts -- He needs to know you're thinking about him.

Here are some ideas to get you started doing these "little things" he really wants:

1. Rub his feet instead of asking him if he wants you to rub his feet. Make it look like you want to do it.

2. Make him dinner one night. Don't ask him if he wants you to make dinner. Make him dinner before he gets home.

3. Light a candle so that he arrives home to a nice environment instead of coming home to the glaring lights of the television and other things.

4. Send him a text in the middle of the day telling her "I miss your smile from this morning" or "Last night was amazing!" or "The conversation we had last night was great."

5. Send an eCard in the middle of the day... something cute to remind him how much you really care about him/her.

6. If he's going on a business trip, offer to drive him to the airport or pick him up to make his life that much easier.

7. Let him have control of the remote control. Don't monopolize it for a change. Just give it to him and let him actually sit there and enjoying watching one of his shows. Then you can share one of his interests by watching it with him.

8. Offer to iron one of his shirts or take his clothes to the dry cleaner.

9. Clean up the bathroom without being asked. Don't just sit there and ignore the mess around the toilet. If you know it drives him crazy to see water splashed all around the sink, dry that area after you use it.

10. If you work out together, enjoy it with him instead of rushing through your own workout and then not letting his workout at the same time.

11. Take a shower together, then wash his hair, scrub his back, and give him a spa treatment. Do this and enjoy it!

12. The next time he gives you a massage, give him a massage the next day. Offer it! Don't just say you'll give him a it!

13. Surprise him by making plans. Tell him, "We're going out tonight honey." You can even just go out for a drink or dinner somewhere. It's taking the initiative that's important.

14. Decide on and set aside one night a week as date night. Have a date like when you first started dating.

15. Call him in the middle of the day and just say hello. Don't wait for him to call you.

It can be simple to keep him satisfied. It's not necessarily about what you give him financially or what gifts you give him. That's a cop out. It's the little things. The guy who makes the biggest mistake is the one who ignores their significant other then all of a sudden give them an expensive gift to make up for it. That doesn't make up for it at all.

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